About Us

“A solid team with a common goal and focused leadership will always achieve the highest levels of excellence.”

About Kavi Construction

Where Quality, experience, trust and reliability come together to provide outstanding results for KAVI’s customers

  • KAVI’S start

    Founded in 2006, KAVI Construction, LLC has steadily and successfully grown throughout one of the worse economic times our industry has seen in years. This is a testament to KAVI Construction’s resilience, professionalism and work ethic. KAVI has joined forces with stable and qualified subcontractors and vendors that have similar goals, which they attribute to their current success today. A solid team will always achieve the highest levels of success.

  • A different approach to construction

    KAVI understands the uniqueness of every project and they always put the Owner’s needs first. A construction project can be a stressful endeavor for an Owner, but KAVI’s approach fosters an enjoyable and exciting environment. Their relationships are always formed on trust, respect, commitment and solid performance.